Muscle Cars

In keeping true to my commitment, I was doing a little research today. Apparently Muscle Cars are a uniquely

American phenonmenon, and some people today say they died in the 70’s and some people, (like ME) say they

are still alive and kicking.

The book I’ve found is “Muscle Cars” Ben Klemenzson. Tons of very nice pics :) He asks “What makes a muscle

car?” Turns out some of the criteria looks like this:

1. large engine displacement

2. powerful brake horsepower and acceleration figures

3. (and some would argue) two door body style

The popularity of racing in the 50’s and 60’s started the concept of building cars specifically with performace

buyers in mind. Hallelujah! Sadly though, as the book so accurately states “They’ll never build’em like that

again!” :(((

No kidding, they’re made out of plastic now,  and don’t forget, they are starting to drive themselves. But,

whatever, back to REAL cars.

Clearly the simple 1,2,3 above doesn’t come close to describing the array of different forms, they have taken

over the years. From pony cars to the full sized behemoths, one of which I took a pic of the other day. It was

parked next door to my friends house. It’s definitely a behemoth!!!

2015-05-14 12.18.27 2015-05-14 12.18.38

It’s a Buick Wildcat. I think it’s a1964. I just looked them up in Wikipedia; they first came out in 1962 as a

“Invicta” subseries. Then from 1963-1970 it was its own series. In 1965 there were a total of 1244 Wildcat GS’s

built. Of those, 242 were convertibles. 22 earned Super Wildcat decals. I just love these kind of facts. It was so

cool back then. Can you imagine now….do they even know how many bajillion of the little plastic cars they pump





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