Muscle Cars

In keeping true to my commitment, I was doing a little research today. Apparently Muscle Cars are a uniquely

American phenonmenon, and some people today say they died in the 70’s and some people, (like ME) say they

are still alive and kicking.

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I Love Cars and Trucks

I have discovered that I really love to drive and that cars and trucks make me very happy!!! I’m doing some

reseach as to how these objects of beauty came about and thank heavens they did. People tell me that in less

than 20 yrs it is expected that cars that drive themselves will be on the road….HOW DREADFUL!!! I can hardly

believe that even now there are buttons in cars that people can push and the car will automatically keep them

from rear ending other cars and notifying them if they drift out of their lane or if someone is in their blind spot.

Please, say it isn’t so….seriously? Sad, sad, sad. I suppose I best enjoy them while they last.