Maybe I’ve Discovered my Calling!

As you all know, I LOVE trucks and cars and driving. Well, I was over at my Aunt’s for dinner the other night. I’m throwing the frisbee for Teyana while waiting for dinner to be ready and my cousin pulls up in a friggin Mustang. The biggest surprise is that HE is driving because he’s being dropped off after his driving lesson. The driving school is called All-Class Driver Training, check out their website . Are you kidding me? Who would have thought? So as I’m drooling all over the place, I ask the teacher a little about how to become a driving instructor. Turns out it’s just a two-week course to get certified. The cost is about $3000, depending on which school. I am so excited. Driving around all day and making money at the same time. I don’t think it could get any better than that. There is a course Beginning next month. I have a small amount of savings. Time to get creative and figure out how I can get myself enrolled. I haven’t been this excited and optimistic in a long, long time!!!

Love My New Job

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. I’ve been so busy. I love this. Things are going better than I could have ever expected.

My first week with someone in the back seat was a little un-nerving but I got through it. I’m not much of a performer so it’s really difficult to do things with people watching me. I was much more comfortable once I was out on my own.

Who would think that sitting in a car all day could be so exhausting? Believe me, it can be. Mentally exhausting mostly. I am always on guard because I have no idea what my student might do. They told me that once I’ve been at it for awhile I would begin to see it before they do it. I’m not there yet. I took my first student into

I took my first student into ICBC for the road test the other day. He PASSED! I was so happy. It would have been a real drag had my first one failed. The examiners seem to be nice. I think it’s a good idea that I do my best to build good relationships with them, haha. They could make or break my pass rate.

I just wanted to check in and give an update to my adventures. When I have a little more time and stories under my belt, I fully intend to tell you all about it.


I Just Finished My Training!

I’m a Driving Instructor

Hey, I know, it’s been awhile, but I’ve been really busy. I am so grateful I saw that Mustang driving school. I suppose it is true, there are no accidents or mistakes. I don’t believe that was a coincidence. This career is very meant to be.

I loved every minute of my training. It was a lot of fun. My instructor was an old guy by the name of Walter. He has been in the business for over 30 years. He’s in the process of selling his school and my class was his last instructor training course. I am very lucky to have been in it. His teaching style was very different. When someone would ask a question he would pretend he didn’t know the answer, which of course made the person asking, go and research it themselves. Then they will actually remember. It was funny watching the people who thought he was a dumb dumb, when they were the ones being fooled. Ha Ha. Continue reading

New Torino

I just discovered Ford is bringing back the Torino. My mom drove one of them years ago. I think it was an early 70’s model. I’m going to include a couple pic’s I discovered from the GearHead site. As well as my mom having one, I loved the movie “Gran Torino” with Clint Eastwood. (I always chuckle when I remember that part where he calls the girl ‘YumYum’)

I looked up some info about the Torino. This is so cool learning old facts. Ford made them from 1968-1976. The name came from the city of Turin, Torino in Italian. Like the Wildcat, the Torino was a subseries, only it was a subseries of the Fairlane. By 1970, the Torino became the primary and the Fairlane, the subseries. The Torino was a twin to the Mercury Montego. Ford chose the Torino as the base for it’s NASCAR entrants.

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Muscle Cars

In keeping true to my commitment, I was doing a little research today. Apparently Muscle Cars are a uniquely

American phenonmenon, and some people today say they died in the 70’s and some people, (like ME) say they

are still alive and kicking.

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I Love Cars and Trucks

I have discovered that I really love to drive and that cars and trucks make me very happy!!! I’m doing some

reseach as to how these objects of beauty came about and thank heavens they did. People tell me that in less

than 20 yrs it is expected that cars that drive themselves will be on the road….HOW DREADFUL!!! I can hardly

believe that even now there are buttons in cars that people can push and the car will automatically keep them

from rear ending other cars and notifying them if they drift out of their lane or if someone is in their blind spot.

Please, say it isn’t so….seriously? Sad, sad, sad. I suppose I best enjoy them while they last.